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Monday, December 21, 2009

mommy's sick again

So, I had a cold a few weeks ago and saturday morning i work up sick again. I am hoping that I will be feeling good enought to go to Busch Gardens tomorrow. See, I was given tickets to Busch for a christmas present, but they have to be used before christmas day, so I took tomorrow off of work so that I could go (well switched days prior to me getting sick). I have been feeling so bad that I took an additional 2 sick days. So now I just hope to be feeling better soon. I will be uploading pics here since I got a 32 in 1 adapter and can now use my memory card to upload to the comp. Let's see here... christmas excitement is going on and that's about it. pics later tonight... gotta get ready to go get kenzie from the bus now.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

haven't felt like writing

i know i have become a bad blogger, but honestly, i haven't felt like blogging... lately you can see more via my facebook status than you can here... hopefully i will feel like blogging again soon