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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I wish I could give you all a good update, but I can't. I heard from the mortgage lady who told me last week we would close Monday or Tuesday of this week. After not hearing back from her I called her only to find out that the lender backed out because of the appraisal. She is trying a few more companies. In addition to this, all of my computers are being fixed right now. I got this one(the one my father in law gave me) in order enough that I could use the net. I still have a little work to do on it though. Kenzie and Maddie got their first pet. I decided that they needed a puppy. They are so good and they needed a friend. Not to mention that one of my resident's sons dogs had pups and he was giving them away. We will be getting a kennel for the back yard so that she can go play in the yard during the day. We named her Angel because she fell into the sump pump in Steve's basement, he then gave her mouth to mouth and she lived, therefore we decided that since she had a guardian angel her name should be Angel. Dustin is doing well. He starts his new job tomorrow at the place where I work. Ryan and him are going to Illinois tonight to get Candice and Joshua. They had gone for the weekend for a visit. I can't wait to love on that baby boy some more. Maddie is so smart, she knows how to open the gate at the top of the stairs! I had gone downstairs and Ryan was watching her, he said she just got out of sight for a second and what I heard was, THUMP THUMP THUMP THUD! She had fallen, but didn't get hurt... In fact, she got up and laughed about it then called for "Mama". I was in tears and Ryan felt so bad about it. But that is what is going on right now. Just be in prayer about the house thing. We know that God has a bigger plan for us, we just have to wait for His time. I also know that I can get impatient. Oh one more thing before I go. I ran into someone at the grocery store last night... Ms. Money from high school english. I couldn't believe she remembered me! She walked up to me and asked why I was back from Florida and if I had kids... It was nice catching up with her!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Little Moma!

Well, I guess Kenzie thinks she is a Little Moma! Not only does she try to care for her Baby Alive doll including a bottle, diapers, wipes, sippy cup and baby food, but she does all she can to help us with Maddie. She tells her it is ok, Mommy is getting you your food. She is such the big sister! I love having her to help me out. I am so proud of her! We also found a link that we can do a book a night on the computer with her and she loves it. I will be doing this every night from now on. Kenzie is also becomming quite the preppy little one. She stands in front of the mirror making sure that every hair is in place before comming out of the bathroom. It is so funny. She thought she would try and "wash" her hair tonight, when we discovered she had soaked her hair with lotion! It was so funny! I had to wash her hair twice to get it all out! Maddie is doing well. She stood in the kitchen tonight hollaring for her "Da Da!" and then it changed to "Daddy". It was so funny because she wouldn't stop yelling until Ryan responded to her. She also knows when it is time to eat to go to her little table in the corner of the kitchen and Mommy will put her bowl there. She feeds herself now. And, no it isn't clean, but that is the joy of seeing my baby grow up, sometimes she will be messy. It almost saddens me that we are done with having children because I love to see the kids going through each stage that they come to, but I wouldn't want to put another baby through what Maddie went through when she was born. I just thank God that she is ok now. I am off to do a few things.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Grr! Not a good weekend for us...

I had a rough weekend at work. I was on a unit that needs a minimum of 3 cna's, but got suck with 2. I got through it though. And, Kenzie, Maddie, Dustin, Candice, and Joshua all went to a Hymn Sing and Fish Fry with Mom at her church. Candice wasn't very happy with the church because the Minister talked badly about Baptist churches and her grandpa is a baptist minister. Maddie is doing well. She loved going to Nana's house. And Kenzie was a hoot from what I hear. She was spraying the cats with a spray bottle because they were scratching at her and nana. She now answers to the nick name "Little Irene" it is too much. We had Kenzie's other part to her evaluation and I will have results soon. I will post when I find out. Joshua is doing ok. He has his days and nights mixed up, but hopefully soon that will change. Maria, any tips I can give to Candice? She is at her wits end and I know that you were going through this with Brooklyn. Anyway, I will try and update more later.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome Home.

Joshua Lee Duncan was born on Tuesday July 17, 2007 at 11:13pm.

He weighted 7lbs 10ounces

He was 21.5 inches long.

Yes he did have a little trouble in the beginning, but the baby boy is doing great now. He came home from the hospital with Mommy and Daddy tonight.
Now Maddie wasn't too fond of Mommy holding this new baby, but Kenzie loved him. We are all getting settled in with having another new baby in the house. I will be sure to update you all on the happenings with all of the group at the Cox house.

Maddie walking

again i know it is grainy, but i just wanted to get these on here, i will probably change the site i upload video's with because i don't like how the video's turn out with the one i use right now.

The girls splashing in the pool

I know that it looks grainy, but I am trying to fix that...

Independence Day

I know that this is really late, but I thought I would share our Independence Day Celebration with all of you. Keep in mind that Kenzie hasn't ever liked going to the fireworks because they are too loud. On July 3, we went to the river and found a park where there were many children playing, Kenzie jumped right in and started playing, she met a little girl named Lindsey, they instantly became best friends and we are going to start play dates soon. Then when it got close to time for the firework display to start, we all walked closer to the second street bridge, I have some pics below so that you can all see what happened that night. Thank you Dustin (my little brother) and Candice (my future sister in law) for taking the pics of the display. I really did appreciate that so I could chase the kids, while they took pics.

This was the first time Maddie took to the swingset and she did it a couple of hours before we went to the river for the fireworks, now I have a hard time getting her off of it. She loves the glider!

Kenzie had so much fun sliding down the huge twisting slide at the river, she didn't want to leave! I just love the look on her face here. I was lucky to get the pic, she wasn't very into having Mommy taking pics that night, so like I said, when I snapped this, I was shocked it came out due to the delayed flash on my camera!

"Mommy look, I am going up the steps to the big slide!" I was so scared for her because it was up so high, but she kept going up the steps and then sliding down and repeating the process time after time after time.

BOOM! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TAKE ME HOME! That was basically what went on next. The fireworks went Boom! Kenzie screamed and then yelled to be taken home. I just put her on my shoulders and walked around with her, then she asked for Daddy, so he did the same and in a few minutes she was asking to go back and watch the "BOOM BOOM'S" with Mommy and Lindsey.

Another Boom.

"Big Boom Mommy!"

"Wow Pretty Boom Momma!"

"Look another one Mommy!"

"Daddy, Red Boom!"

"Pretty boom"

"Mommy, I like Boom!"

"Kenzie, it's ok, it is just the grand finale!"

I have to give Candice props here, after it was all over, she wanted a picture of the city line, and she got a great one! Thanks again for doing all the pics Dustin and Candice, you did great! Now for the after facts. On the 4th, Kenzie woke up and said "Mommy, I need to go to the park and play then watch Boom Booms!" I couldn't believe it! She hated the idea of it just one day prior! I am so happy that she is ok with it now though. So that was our fourth, I will post some more of the pics that were taken while we were in the process of moving as I can.



Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I am getting so excited for Maddie, she is really comming out of her shell here lately. She is letting us know when she wants attention. Let me put it into perspective for you. I was in the kitchen unpacking a box or two and she wanted my attention so she stared me down and screamed at the top of her lungs "MAMA" only she kept repeating it until I looked at her and then she would smile, then as I went back to working she would start the process over again and at breakfast time, she said what appeared to me to be thank you (of course it wasn't clear, but that is baby talk for you)

Swimming time....

"look at my beauties"
Water babies
"I am Moses!" if you look closely, she has her feet on top of the water.
"I wanna leave"
"This is fun"
"Mommy, this is fun!"
Bathing beauty!
"so this is how we have fun"
"Hmmmm, Not sure!"
"I'm Out of Here!"

"Thank you Mommy!"
"I love this"
"So much fun!"
laying in the sun!
"Splish Splash!"

I have a ring pool for the girls, and I think the pics say it all!

So sorry...

I understand that many of you have been missing the girls and what is going on with them. As most of you know the isp disconnected me from the internet before they were supposed to. Therefore, I was unable to get on the internet. I will try and get all of the updates and pics put on here in time. I know that a lot of stuff has been going on since we lost connection. One of them being the birth of my nephew Joshua Lee. I will post pics with the birth info as soon as I can. He as born after 15.5 hours of labor! Candice had an infection and temp when he was born, he had a bm in utero and swallowed some of it, so they are running tests to make sure that he is ok. He is on oxygen, so I will update you as I can. Just keep them both in prayer! We are now moved into the new house, but still trying to get everything put away, and feeling a little pressured as my mom wants to push the closing after she rushed us to get moved out of the other house so she could get other people moved in there and now rushing the closing. I really wish she would relax for me for a few days and let the mortgage lady get things in order and not rush it so much. Kenzie is feeling the stress from us and so is Maddie, I just hate that we are so stressed out right now. I just hope and pray that things will start to calm down a bit for me. I can't wait to get it all settled and back to a normal life. Anyway, that is that for the first post. I will be posting several more posts to get all of you updated and share pics of things that have been going on here in the next few days.