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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a morning of business

this morning, i woke up with the mindset that i was gonna get things done... and because i am on team ELITE, i decided since a lot of the team is headed to national conference today (i can't afford to go this year) i wasn't going to let that keep me down. we on team elite like to do what we call hi five! so here's the jest of it.

hi 5 is where we take an index card and write down the top 5 things we want to get done today. i have done that and so far today i have accomplished more than 5 things i really needed to do today. some of those include:

making a new cover photo sporting my business for facebook!
august special posted to my group on facebook
update information on the auction.
reminder for july special ending today
reminder for catalog ending in 31 days!!!
e mails
address box updated
and i am about to set up my kit.

today is going to be a great day! so Rejoice in HIM!!!

and the family update: 20 days til school starts! can i get an AMEN! the girls are getting excited. we made a count down calender yesterday for them. they have their back packs packed for meet the teacher day so they can drop off the first of 2 loads of school supplies! crazy how much they still need.

here was the original list for each child:

Madison needed:
1- binder
4- 2 pocket 3 prong folders
2- plastic folders
8- gluesticks
2- boxes of 24 count crayons
2 packs of pencils
dry erase markers
1 pair scissors
2 wide rule journals
2 packs loose leaf paper
1 pack pink gum erasers
1 pair headphones
1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 box tissues
1 box sandwich size ziploc bags
pencil box

Mackenzie Needed:

1- binder
8- folders
4 packs wide rule paper
1 pk 24 crayons
2 packs colored pencils
3 dozen #2 pencils
3 hole pencil pouch
2 packs hilighters
1 pack dry erase markers
2 box tissues
1 package baby wipes
1 roll paper towels
1 box ziploc bags
1 bottle sanitizer
3 composition notebooks
blue pens
black pens

And now we need between the two of them still:

2 folders
2 plastic folders
1 box crayons
dry erase markers

2 folders
3 packs wide rule paper
1 pack crayons
2 pack colored pencils
2 highlighters
paper towels
2 composition notebooks
blue pens
black pens.

so while the lists did get alot knocked off of them, every year these back to school lists seem to get larger! almost drives me nuts. Grandma took them supply shopping this year and spend quite a lot on the supplies. i thank God for my church helping families in our community that need the help because without the church there have been years where my kids wouldn't have their supplies at all!

I don't have much to buy for them, and I thank Grandma and God for that! I have their back to school clothes to get, but that's after we see what they have/need. We are in a mode of saving money now, so we are going to do what we can to preserve that savings account!

ryan is still applying everywhere. he worked all of last week, but so far this week he still hasn't been called in for a job. while i don't like this, i know god has our back and he has a perfect plan in place, we just don't know what it is just yet.

and we are starting to get things together for camping this weekend. we are going to the cabins at starkey park and can't wait for that nature time. while deb and i will escape for a girls (few hours) date to sweet tomatoes, we will come back and have loads of fun with kevin, kevin, ryan, mackenzie and madison.

*note the girls have decided they are no longer maddie and kenzie they are MADISON AND MACKENZIE. so i have been trying to get used to using their full names when they aren't in trouble LOL

Monday, July 30, 2012


Ok, so it's really early in the morning for me to be blogging. I usually wait until later in the day, but I figured hey, why not get this put on there while it's fresh in my mind!!! First, I have to ask, is AWESOMENESS even a word????

So, as some of my readers already know, my husband and I have been married for almost 10 years. Up until this year, we were hit or miss with church. We would have times where we would be at church every Tuesday night for my Women's group and his Mens group, every Thursday evening for mid week service and every Sunday for service. While we were being fed, I was also volunteering in the 4 year olds class. That can be a challenge in itself. And that's a whole nother post that I should do sometime. But this year, God laid it on my heart to start going to our Couples Class. This class has been amazing! It has taught us both many things, so I was excited to have a Sunday to sit in the class with my husband and not worry if the kids were being good in their classes because they were at yaya's house. Well, as it turns out, there were tons of Announcements. During one of them, Susan said that the church was looking for 2 couples to "volunteer".

Immediately, God tugged on my heartstrings!!! This was an event I have been wanting to go to, and I'll tell you what it is, just be patient.

So to fully understand the whole story, I have to back up a bit. About a year ago, I had heard about this movie that was sweeping the nation. I tend to like to read the book, then see the movie. Many people think that ruins the movie, but my mindset is that by reading the book, I know what the characters are thinking in certain parts therefore enhancing my movie experience, so I downloaded Fireproof to my kindle. I finally read it this spring and WOW! That was one amazing book!!! Ok, so fast forward now to Saturday night... Ryan came home from dropping the kids off at his mom and dad's house. I was doing some work on the computer, and he said, "Honey, how about a movie tonight?" So I asked him to pick one out while I finished what I was doing. He still hadn't decided on what movie on Netflix to watch, so when I got done, I took the remote and started scrolling through, when I landed on Fireproof, we both were like, "lets watch that" so we did. Now, for some background info, my husband isn't a movie person, normally falls asleep during movies. Not this one. He watched the full thing and was in awe of it!
So, when in class, they asked for volunteers, I asked him if he would want to do it. He said, well, I'll have to take that day off, so he's gonna and not only are we volunteering for the event, but we get into the Love Worth Fighting For event at my church for free!!!

Love Worth Fighting For is an event that is going around the nation right now. Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield are the ones who lead this event and it's going to be amazing! We both are excited to go! But if you are wanting more information about it or to preorder tickets, head over to the Love Worth Fighting For Website! It's pretty amazing for us to be able to go to one of these workshops!!!

While this means I will have to get a sitter for a long day, I don't mind because not only is it Serving the Lord through this awesome event, but it's also feeding my faith, as well as connecting and learning with my husband by my side! This is a monumental event because, one month five days later, we will be celebrating (at home) our 10 year wedding anniversary and a few weeks later, we will celebrate with our couples class at the couples camping retreat! So, this will just kick off our fall of amazing couples activities!

More is sure to come on that! So, I have had a weekend that I can describe in one word: AWESOMENESS!

Peace, Love, and JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


good afternoon and how are you? i am much better today. not feeling nearly as bad as i was yesterday. while i don't have a car to go places due to the hubbs needing it for work nor do i have a phone due to not being able to afford it this month, i am doing well. God blesses us all the time! so to start this post out I give ALL glory to God!

now, we all know that the economy has been very bad for a while. I only expect this to continue. with very few jobs out there and the housing market taking the hit it took, everything else has continued to rise in price. we can't let that get us down. at one time we were a 2 car family, home owning, house phone, internet, cable having cell phone carrying family. now we are a one car, internet only, one cell phone, renting family. it would appear that this is a bad spot, but I counter you on that. this is exactly where God wants us to be right now. while i took some time off of work, I am now a work at home mom. I am not in a get rich quick scheme, but I love what I do and the little I have made so far is more than we had when I wasn't working at all. ryan is still in steel decking construction. while he doesn't like to have to be away so much and work those long hours, he does it because he loves us and wants to provide the best he can for us.

so with his economy, it even makes buying groceries seem hard for a lot of families, and since we had rain all of last week, ryan's paycheck wasn't as good as we would have liked, so we are trying something new... i still have plenty of chicken and fish in the freezer, rice in the cupboard etc. so, when i post this list, keep in mind it is in addition to what we already have in the pantry. we are a little short on money this week, so we are going with the bare bones approach to our meals. while this may sound hard, it really isn't that bad. in fact, once a month we try to do this to clear out left overs and frozen meals. we also do this in order to prepare for the following week to buy a large amount of meat.

so here's my grocery list for the week:

baking powder (because i'm out)
whatever fruit is on sale at the best price
vegetables (again what's on sale at the best price)
tuna (2 cans)
bullion cubes (again, i am out of these)
shortening (this is only used for baking biscuits/tortillas etc)
nutmeg (this is a maybe, have to check the pantry, not sure if i have it on hand or not)
and tomatoes (diced canned will work fine if they are on sale)

*in the vegetables, i have to get peas and corn for sure

now, with all that said, i have a little menu that we will tweak when ryan gets home. i'm only listing our dinners because breakfast and lunch are easy... our dinners for the week include:
shepherds pie
tuna and pea wiggle
burger night (we will have burgers)
scalloped potatoes and veggies
scalloped potato and tuna casserole (made from left overs from night before)
veggie soup with rice
baked potato with veggies

*we will be adding in some chicken and fish i just have to see the nights that ryan wants to do that.

note that a lot of these recipes dont' have meat in the name. well that's because they are vegetarian recipes. meat is very expensive, so when we have to we eat without the meat. we will add meat as needed for ryan as he is the meat eater in this house. the girls and i can't wait to have that tuna wiggle! we love tuna!

and just for fun here are our breakfast plans:
eggs in a biscuit
tortilla's with eggs and veggies
donut muffins
potato pancakes

a couple of those we like so much we don't mind having them 2 days out of the week.

for the most part we will use left overs for lunches.

and we will keep our shopping down to around 20 dollars for a family of four for the entire week! and some of these things will go for a lot longer than just the one week such as he baking powder.

i will post my final shopping after i get home from doing it this evening. and will post the recipes this week on the nights we use them.

i do pray that your weekend is a great one!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

busy time

as you all know, we are all having a busy summer. kenzie just finished her summer reading camp with school, and we will know officially what grade she will be in within the next 2 weeks. she took another standardized test, and the results will either push her on into 4th grade or keep her in 3rd grade. for those of you who don't know, in third grade, in the state of florida, all third graders have to take and pass the fcat in order to pass third grade. but they only have to pass the READING portion of the test. mackenzie, bless her heart, took the test, she scored at 175 on it. she needed a 182 to go on into the 4th grade. while this doesn't seem like a lot of a big deal, it is. because her grades were solid c's all year (and many parents would complain if their daughter brought home c's, i do not because i feel that anything over a d is a great effort), she did her best, but due to her feelign the need to rush through her work, she made some mistakes throughout the year, therefore resulting in the c's. while if she were to take her time and really concentrate, she would have probably been a b student, i have to say that with everything we have been through with fighting to get her the help she needs, she's doing well. now, onto other things. ryan has been on again off again with work. it's driving us nuts and he is actively applying, but it's like he puts in applications, and then they call him back to work so he can't do the interviews, but that will change. saturday he is going to a jobfair. it's with the gulfside hospice here in new port richey. please pray for a good outcome. we love having him home when he's off, but we need him to have solid work. while we are scraping by, it's by the grace of god. we can and will make it through this time in our lives. god will provide. i have continued my journey with thrity-one. it's been a great journey, and i look forward to seeing what other things are yet to come with this business. see a post later this week about that one. maddie has enjoyed having the summer to be with me in the mornings, but she is LOVING having her sister home now! they are playing ICarly now! Maddie is Sam and Kenzie is Carly! too cute!

we just had a weekend with our friends deb and kevin. it was a great weekend. kenzie had kaitlyn over for a sleepover, and so, deb and i went to the movies in the early afternoon and kevin and ryan went that evening. we all saw the hunger games at the three dollar theater. it was great! i am so very glad that i read the book before i went to the theater. i find that by reading the book , although there is alot having to be left out of the movie, i find that i totally understand the movies better that way. i can't wait for the second one to come out!

then monday, the maintenance man was here to do some work on the bathroom, and well, it's not looking so hot. he's just making shortcuts and not correcting the initial problems... so we have complained to the landlord about him. this is the 2nd maintenance man who has been working on the same issues and we are having the same problems out of him. i can't wait until God blesses us with enough money to put down on a house. it will come and when it does, i can breathe a little easier. while i like renting because i don't have to do the maintenance, i don't have a say in many of the aspects that i would love to have a say in such as for example, how hard is it to just give me a darn dishwasher? i would make my life so much easier! anyway, it's looking more like we will have to vacate this property and go live in one of the land lord's other properties so they can get all of the work done on this house. this may be the best scenario for us because with all the rain we have had, the septic tank is flooded (no, we don't have poo in the yard YET) and the septic guys can't pump it until our back yard dries up. it's been flooded due to the rain for about 2 weeks now. and the rain doesn't seem to be letting up enough to dry it up. and that's just one of the major issues with this house.

well until next time