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Sunday, May 30, 2010

So, it's been a busy week!

On sunday we did our thing. Ryan was working another double. (Hey, he makes more on that double than we would for both of us to work single shifts.), so the girls and I just had a mommy daughter day.

Monday I had a teleconference with Ms. Zapp. She and the ESE counselor and I discussed Maddie's IEP. She will get speech 2 days a week starting in August. I also checked in on a pre k for Maddie. It is all coming together.

Tuesday we paid the deposit to get the van finished. We are picking it up on the 8th. Yay! Can't come soon enough for us. Maddie had a sleep over with Yaya!

Wednesday was a routine day. Nothing major going on there. When Yaya dropped Maddie off, she took Kenzie and I to Sonic for dinner and we got Ice Cream Cones from McDonalds.

Thursday nothing to note.

Friday Ryan worked another double.

Saturday I worked at the Flea Market in my friend Ginny's Avon Boutique. She needed me to handle it for her since she worked night shift and needed some sleep, so I did. I made several sales for Ginny and got an order also. I went scrapping at Jessica's house last night. I can't believe it's been 3 months since I scrapped, but when I went it wasn't the same. I really need to just set all of my stuff up at my house and scrap every day.

Wish you all a very happy memorial week! Be back here soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

its been a busy week

thursday, kenzie went to school and had a great day. she came home with another super star athlete award! go kenzie! ginny picked us up and we went to church. pastor dave and cynda were back. we welcomed them warmly. praise and worship rocked like normal, only it wasn't normal because the spirit was flowing like you wouldn't believe. i love my church because we are on fire for the lord!

friday, ryan was off of work and i had some avon stuff to do yesterday afternoon. eventually i put the kids to bed and at 530 this am i got him up. he works doubles most weekends because he makes boo koo's on those shifts. it's nice! we get our van back around the 8th of June.

i am putting in orders on my website now, and the kids are doing their thing.

monday i have a volunteer thing at school (i won't make it) and a party with my district manager to go to (mel is picking me up for that one), then tuesday evening i have a recruit meeting to go to with Virginia. i probably won't update until wednesday here, so check in at facebook if you want to know how those go!

in the mean time have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awaken the Leader In You

Hello all! Last night I had an Avon Meeting. It was the first one I had gone to. It was called Awaken the Leader In You. Let me tell you, I had a great time meeting some of my fellow reps as well as my District Sales Manager. Jevonne is AWESOME!!! I came home with some of the best information ever! Some incentives for getting my business off the ground. I also learned about some of the ladies stories. I am not the only one who needed avon just for added income, but when Barb did it, she did for added income and 2 years later, she is making 72k a year! Awesome! I came away from the meeting on fire with a belief in the company I work for (which by the way has been in business for 124 years) that I didn't think would happen. I also learned that prospecting isn't as hard as we all thought it was. I met one of the senior exectutive leaders who used to teach special needs kids. This touched my heart because Kenzie is a special needs kid. I learned that if I need something, I have tons of resources. It's looking up! And I looked on my website this morning. I am almost 1/10th of the way to President's Club!!!! I can't wait!

So, if you or someone you know has fallen on hard times, or whatever the case may be and need an extra income, send them my business e mail or to my website:

In the mean time: HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Madison Rose

It's hard to believe that Madison (aka Maddie RoRo) is 4 already. Where has the time gone?

Since we have Riley and Shelby today, we thought we would make Maddie's cake from Riley, Shelby, and Kenzie. Maddie was totally excited! So, I baked a dark fudge chocolate 2 layer cake with peanut m and m's in it. Then Riley iced it Blue and piped an M on it. She said the M was for Maddie and because Maddie's favorite candy is M and M's!!! Blue because Maddie's eyes are blue! (Not to mention Riley's eyes are blue and it's one of her favorite colors). Then after Riley, it was Shelby's turn. She placed 1/2 pack of peanut m and m's on the outside of the cake. Followed by Kenzie placing the other 1/2 pack of peanut m and m's on the cake. It's really cute! Maddie is so excited to cut the cake tomorrow with Yaya and Pappy because the girls made it for her.

I just love how children get excited more over the homemade gifts than they do the store bought ones. It's like they know that the home made ones were made from the heart! Riley had lots of fun icing the cake and I think she thought I was crazy handing her the piping bag and allowing her to put the M on the cake, but she did really good. I got a few pics of her as she was doing the icing and piping... I'll upload when I upload my camera to the comp the next time.

And the big present for Maddie's birthday: will have to wait for her to enjoy...

When we get the van back, we are buying passes for Busch Gardens and taking Maddie and Kenzie to Busch Gardens for Maddie's birthday! She loved it in December when we went right before Christmas, so we figured, what better birthday than a day in the park that she loved.

Well, Shelby has gotten Maddie asleep, Riley, Shelby, and Kenzie are watching a movie as I blog and Ryan naps. (those night shifts and doubles that he's pulling are killing him). But then again, he does make more doing those than I would working a regular shift, so we are coming out on top I think... better hit the calculator to be sure though...

Among the Thirsty is performing at church tomorrow, so I am hoping to be able to go. If not, I'll tune in on!!!

Until the next time, blog happy!

God Bless,
Ryan, Dawn, Kenzie, Maddie, Riley, Shelby, and Maggie Cox!!!! (hey, they're here aren't they?)

P.S. While the girls were playing Maggie got out... I was freaked out because this is Derrick and Amanda's dog... She went to the front yard and came right when we called her, but hey, I was scared I had lost her! She's all good laying in the living room with everyone else now though....

since my last post...

it has been 2 weeks since i posted last. hmmm doesn't seem possible... but here goes:

carol went to ohio and we came and spent the weekend with roy for mother's day weekend.

Mackenzie gave me the best mothersday present. She made a pen at school with a flower flopping out of the top of it with a card she made and then she wrapped it all up making her own bow and all! so adorable.

Maddie... well what can I say, you continue to grow. Please slow down a bit!

I am doing fairly good with my avon sales.

We towed the van to the shop and they are working on it. Should be up and running soon.

Grandma was put in the hospital for respritory illness, but she is home (as of today) and resting...

Carol has come back from Ohio now and we gave her her mother's day present. A really pretty beaded bracelet.

Derrick and Amanda have gone on a cruise, so we are watching Riley and Shelby tonight so that Roy and Carol could go to a wedding... I baked a cake... see the next post for more on that....

and now to do the next post... hee hee!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A lot happening...

there has been a lot going on since i last posted. i will post here the most important features of what is going on in our lives.

our only car broke down. we blew a head gasket the day after we had the car looked at and found that our motor mounts were wearing out and needed replacing...

i started selling avon. although the economy has been rough, i am really getting a good start with this business. my website is feel free to shop it even if you are out of state. you can have it delivered to you and i still get my commissions.

kenzie has had a great school year so far... she mastered one of her goals on her iep!

maddie is 2 weeks from being 4 years old, but I really can't believe that my baby isn't a baby anymore!

let me see... oh yeah, my in law's intrepid decided to die on them, so in the mix they were down to one car at the same time. they bought an 06 chevy malibu and let me tell you, i love it!

really, that is all i can think of at this time... more to come as i can think.