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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A lot happening...

there has been a lot going on since i last posted. i will post here the most important features of what is going on in our lives.

our only car broke down. we blew a head gasket the day after we had the car looked at and found that our motor mounts were wearing out and needed replacing...

i started selling avon. although the economy has been rough, i am really getting a good start with this business. my website is feel free to shop it even if you are out of state. you can have it delivered to you and i still get my commissions.

kenzie has had a great school year so far... she mastered one of her goals on her iep!

maddie is 2 weeks from being 4 years old, but I really can't believe that my baby isn't a baby anymore!

let me see... oh yeah, my in law's intrepid decided to die on them, so in the mix they were down to one car at the same time. they bought an 06 chevy malibu and let me tell you, i love it!

really, that is all i can think of at this time... more to come as i can think.

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