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Saturday, May 15, 2010

since my last post...

it has been 2 weeks since i posted last. hmmm doesn't seem possible... but here goes:

carol went to ohio and we came and spent the weekend with roy for mother's day weekend.

Mackenzie gave me the best mothersday present. She made a pen at school with a flower flopping out of the top of it with a card she made and then she wrapped it all up making her own bow and all! so adorable.

Maddie... well what can I say, you continue to grow. Please slow down a bit!

I am doing fairly good with my avon sales.

We towed the van to the shop and they are working on it. Should be up and running soon.

Grandma was put in the hospital for respritory illness, but she is home (as of today) and resting...

Carol has come back from Ohio now and we gave her her mother's day present. A really pretty beaded bracelet.

Derrick and Amanda have gone on a cruise, so we are watching Riley and Shelby tonight so that Roy and Carol could go to a wedding... I baked a cake... see the next post for more on that....

and now to do the next post... hee hee!

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