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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Madison Rose

It's hard to believe that Madison (aka Maddie RoRo) is 4 already. Where has the time gone?

Since we have Riley and Shelby today, we thought we would make Maddie's cake from Riley, Shelby, and Kenzie. Maddie was totally excited! So, I baked a dark fudge chocolate 2 layer cake with peanut m and m's in it. Then Riley iced it Blue and piped an M on it. She said the M was for Maddie and because Maddie's favorite candy is M and M's!!! Blue because Maddie's eyes are blue! (Not to mention Riley's eyes are blue and it's one of her favorite colors). Then after Riley, it was Shelby's turn. She placed 1/2 pack of peanut m and m's on the outside of the cake. Followed by Kenzie placing the other 1/2 pack of peanut m and m's on the cake. It's really cute! Maddie is so excited to cut the cake tomorrow with Yaya and Pappy because the girls made it for her.

I just love how children get excited more over the homemade gifts than they do the store bought ones. It's like they know that the home made ones were made from the heart! Riley had lots of fun icing the cake and I think she thought I was crazy handing her the piping bag and allowing her to put the M on the cake, but she did really good. I got a few pics of her as she was doing the icing and piping... I'll upload when I upload my camera to the comp the next time.

And the big present for Maddie's birthday: will have to wait for her to enjoy...

When we get the van back, we are buying passes for Busch Gardens and taking Maddie and Kenzie to Busch Gardens for Maddie's birthday! She loved it in December when we went right before Christmas, so we figured, what better birthday than a day in the park that she loved.

Well, Shelby has gotten Maddie asleep, Riley, Shelby, and Kenzie are watching a movie as I blog and Ryan naps. (those night shifts and doubles that he's pulling are killing him). But then again, he does make more doing those than I would working a regular shift, so we are coming out on top I think... better hit the calculator to be sure though...

Among the Thirsty is performing at church tomorrow, so I am hoping to be able to go. If not, I'll tune in on!!!

Until the next time, blog happy!

God Bless,
Ryan, Dawn, Kenzie, Maddie, Riley, Shelby, and Maggie Cox!!!! (hey, they're here aren't they?)

P.S. While the girls were playing Maggie got out... I was freaked out because this is Derrick and Amanda's dog... She went to the front yard and came right when we called her, but hey, I was scared I had lost her! She's all good laying in the living room with everyone else now though....

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