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Monday, February 28, 2011

a fun weekend

just thought i would recap a very busy weekend for us... friday, ryan worked but when he got off of work we left for deltona. we love our trips to deltona! it's only 2.5 hours away and we have so much fun visiting mandi and albert; jessa, aj, and tali too! we got there at 130 am. went to bed around 3, then spent saturday morning lounging around and playing around in the scrap room... headed to longwood at about 4. time for the surprise party came faster than you might think, but it was fun catching up with so many people and meeting some new people as well. at about 1030 we headed back to deltona and then in the am back to longwood... played some cards with riley and shelby, headed to the outlet mall on the way home. we didn't actually get home yesterday til bed time... we were beat.... then this am, i got up and went to jessicas! i guess i hadn't had enough of being busy over the weekend... we decided to scrap a little which was very nice!!! i got a lot of work done on a layout that will be uploaded next week when i get home from finishing it at her house... i will probably do two layouts that day... she and i have one we want to do at the same time... she is doing the same one i am doing for the second layout only she is doing it for a boy and i am doing it with girl papers so we can see what each other come up with for it :)

maddie has been enjoying having time with daddy in the morning and me in the afternoon before we go to the bus to get kenzie... she is growing up so fast... just amazes me...

kenzie is loving school more and more each day... tonight she has lots of homework to correct and send back to school, so that is my next task...

making chicken noodle soup right now :) yummmmo!

and that about does it for the catch up on us... i'll have pics to put on here later.

Friday, February 25, 2011

a busy week

it's been a busy week, but that doesn't compare to the days to come... next week, i have a swap to go to so i can help my friend jessica... baby shower cake to make... camping supplies to get together... grocery shopping... running to the car lot to pick up spare keys... and the list seems to continue growing... good thing i have a car that can handle it now :)

i know that was short, but i am short on time right now.. dinner is calling my name wanting me to prepare it... so i guess i'll see ya later

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cereal Box Mini Album

Here is the album I made today. I was inspired by my friend's monthly kit challenge. I used all papers from Die Cuts With a View. They had put out a paper pad called The Christmas Combo 180 Stack. It is 3 of their stacks in a combination pad. I used many of the prints in this little book I am giving to my mom.
For the front page, I used fibers to tie it together and used a few of them for a little border along the edge of the binding. I got my inspiration from a Christmas Carol. The wording for this front page says:

Christmastime is here
Happiness and cheer
fun for all that children call
their favorite time of year

For page one, I wanted to keep it pretty simple, so I covered the back of the title page with pp and then added the next verse to the song. It says:

Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
of love and dreams to share

The next page I have in the book is where the photo's begin. The photography was taken by Angels Touch Photography in November 2010. This photo is of Maddie and Kenzie wearing their Christmas Jammies holding the scrapbook I was working on for Amanda. It was not finished here, but I wrapped it up and used it for a present in the pics.

Here is the family picture page. Love the way it turned out :)

On this page we have Kenzie who was really a hammm that night! The wording to the song continues on this page:

Sleighbells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
and joyful memories there
On the last set of pages, comes the pic of Maddie kissing Mommy. The wording finishes off here:

Christmas time is here
We'll be drawing near
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year

And the last page with a picture of me and Kenzie. We signed the page Merry Christmas Nana and Papa Love, Ryan, Dawn, Kenzie and Maddie

This is a shot of the back of the book just so you can see how the binding wrapped around the back of the book.

fun projects

so, as we all know, i get all into paper crafts... well, when i post my next few projects, you may want to take me to the loony bin!!! i am using oragami in one of them (this one will post much later than the first) and the other was due to a challenge blog! I am working on a christmas themed cereal box mini album!!! yep. I am using a cereal box that was about empty and turned it into a really cute mini album... i am still working on it so pics will come this evening or tomorrow after the glue has all dried... so far i have used:
1 cheerio's box
7 printed papers all from the die cuts with a view christmas pad i got on sale a few months ago... i may pull in a few more for mats and embellishments as well..

and it wouldn't be one of my mini's without fibers, so you can expect to see some pretty green (and if i can get my hands on some red ones, i'll put them on it too :))

i am feeling better, still have a cough, but all in all the cox's are all on the road to recovery and if kenzie keeps behaving she will be on the way to deltona with us this weekend.

maddie is just as sweet as can be today. she went upstairs and asked, "daddy, can mommy and me have the car today so we can take mommy and me somewheres special?" lol! how funny is that kiddo!

and that bout does it for the update... more to come :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

on the mend

so i feel much better today. still have an awful cough, but all in all i am feeling much better. so the agenda for the week goes like this:

Monday: kids to the park day. kenzie is off of school so we are goign to enjoy a picnic lunch at the playground.
Tuesday: mommy to womens at church and a scrappy few hours with jessica
Wednesday: begin the scrapbook area transformation
Thursday: church
Friday: pack and leave for Deltona (as long as we are all healthy and not grounded)

the following weekend will be fun as well. friday after kenzie gets off of the bus, i am taking the girls out to starkey park... it'll be fun and then saturday am i have planned a shopping trip for me and my friend debbie... fun times :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a new car!

finally, we were able to find a new car. new to us. not brand new, but it doesn't matter as long as it runs like a charm right. well we did and honestly, we love it!

that is not our car. i got the image from the web. i am waiting to upload the actual pic of our car. the difference is that our car has a spoiler on the back and a sun roof also. (yes, our car is white)

the girls love this car as well. i am sure they will miss having the tv/vcr combo that the van had, but it was time for a new vehicle. we are sure to love the toy as ryan is calling it!

and what else is going on here, well not much.... scrapping a little but nothing major really..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Kenzie

As you all know, Kenzie just turned 8. It's amazing to me that she is so big already. Well I decided that since I am making changes, one of them is that I am beginning to blog on a regular basis again. In order to do this, I need to be sure I share with my friends more often. I am starting with the most recent event that has happened in our family. We had Mackenzie's birthday party last weekend at Yaya and Pappy's house. As normal, I made her cake for her after she decided the theme. As you can see, she decided that Tinkerbell was what she wanted for her party, so I made her a cute little cake for the party. Complete with her friends! She loved it! I have to say I was highly satisfied with how it came out! The purple and green were perfect and then adding a frame to add some spice to it from Corel was just perfect!
First thing Saturday morning, the Tinkerbell jumper arrived and the kids were totally game for it. Kevin got to the party early and played in the jumper with Maddie, Kenzie and Shelby. They had a blast! They were even happy to give me a pic of them all!
I put a poster on the wall so if we got time and wanted to do pics with Tinkerbell, it would be an option. I did a test pic with my friend Kevin. I wasn't totally pleased with the way they came out so some of them I did edit, but this one was pretty cool.
Kenzie's friend Abby from school came to her party. I didn't like the way the pic turned out for tinkerbell, so I simply extracted her from the picture, then added a background from Wee Faerie and then her name down the side. I also added a soft focus and then blended her into the background a little for a great picture of her! Loved it!For present time, Kenzie was so excited to open her present from Deb, Kevin, and Kevin. She has slept with her Tinkerbell Snuggie every night since! She got so many fun presents and couldn't say thank you enough!As the party winded down, I took the tulle I had on the back of one of the barstools off and hung it around Pappy's neck. He is such a good sport!!!

All in all it was a great party. We had a light rain all day, but that didn't stop the kids from playing in the jumper!!! And there you have it! The birthday party in a quick summary.


Getting back to the basics

So, I have decided it's time to get back to the basics. I have deleted all of my excess blogs... I had 2 that were private and one that was a public one for the business stuff that never took off. I have also decided this year is going to be a pivital part of my life. The para pro assessment is happening this summer, and then we will go from there.

Kenzie will be in 3rd grade next year it is time for me to take charge of our lives!

Maddie will be in kindergarten so she needs things taken care of prior to going into that grade.

it is just time for things around here to change... for the better..

my goals are:

get my para pro done
get a job as an instructional assistant for the school board
take human anatomy and physiology lecture and lab so i can then move on to the next set of goals

pay for and take the 15 month course to get my coding degree
then get a job working in a hospital as a coder.

can i really do all of this in the next 2 years, i am goign to be brave and say yes i can! i am my mother's child and i know i can if i set my mind to it.

i'll try and keep updated here as often as possible.

love, peace and chicken grease (yes, those were the words of my little brother)