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Monday, February 28, 2011

a fun weekend

just thought i would recap a very busy weekend for us... friday, ryan worked but when he got off of work we left for deltona. we love our trips to deltona! it's only 2.5 hours away and we have so much fun visiting mandi and albert; jessa, aj, and tali too! we got there at 130 am. went to bed around 3, then spent saturday morning lounging around and playing around in the scrap room... headed to longwood at about 4. time for the surprise party came faster than you might think, but it was fun catching up with so many people and meeting some new people as well. at about 1030 we headed back to deltona and then in the am back to longwood... played some cards with riley and shelby, headed to the outlet mall on the way home. we didn't actually get home yesterday til bed time... we were beat.... then this am, i got up and went to jessicas! i guess i hadn't had enough of being busy over the weekend... we decided to scrap a little which was very nice!!! i got a lot of work done on a layout that will be uploaded next week when i get home from finishing it at her house... i will probably do two layouts that day... she and i have one we want to do at the same time... she is doing the same one i am doing for the second layout only she is doing it for a boy and i am doing it with girl papers so we can see what each other come up with for it :)

maddie has been enjoying having time with daddy in the morning and me in the afternoon before we go to the bus to get kenzie... she is growing up so fast... just amazes me...

kenzie is loving school more and more each day... tonight she has lots of homework to correct and send back to school, so that is my next task...

making chicken noodle soup right now :) yummmmo!

and that about does it for the catch up on us... i'll have pics to put on here later.

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