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Monday, April 27, 2009

back to the grind

so, i have been not updating daily, but i am trying to get back to doing it. a few things:

*kenzie rode the motorcycle with roy and carol today. something they have spent 5 years trying to get her to do. go kenzie!

*i am having a meeting with the school this week. will update you on how that goes

*carol is gonna sneak away from life and have lunch with kenzie one day this week at school.

*maddie is my usual helper... wanting to mop the kitchen again... grrr.

*ryan is working... status quo there...

*CONGRATS TO BROOKLYN! Maria delivered baby Elizabeth yesterday. Thank God for a healthy and happy baby and momma! (you can see maria's blog for that info... thanks to beth spencer for the updates on there)

*looks like we are heading to orlando for the weekend. yeah. a weekend away is much needed.

*i have fooled ed at work into thinking i am cutting back my hours... just not working as many long days as i did the week that he thought i needed to be psycologically evaluated to see if i was sane or not. he laughed when i said that i had asked our psych doc for an eval and he turned me down LOL!

*i have been working in activities a lot lately. it is a nice change, but would like to be on 300 or 400 better. working on the units, allow for more calorie burning.

*since the treadmill was free, and someone needed it on freecycle, i decided since i wasn't using it as much as i thought i would, i passed it on and hope that christine can use it where i didn't.

*i am running out of things to write here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tons of fun...

is comming... i just know it is... has to be... been a crazy day today at work.... we had tons of behavior issues, so i just know it has to be getting better soon...

on a better note, the girls are being very helpful today. kenzie even has her bag packed for "a sleepover with shelby, riley, maggie and sam" ! lol. as long as things go well, we will be heading out on friday to go to orlando and spend the weekend with derrick and amanda. it's been a while since we've been to their house, and we need a little break, so we are orlando bound.

kenzie is a whiz kid with dot to dot's. carol got her and shelby books of dot to dots and kenzie sat down and within 1/2 hour, she had it done. the whole book that is! she loves them!

maddie is running around the house chanting, "i do dewwick and manna's" so she is getting hyped up too! it is so cute!

and that is about it for now... more to come.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

interesting week

this week has flown by. first we started with having tons of fun last weekend, but I blogged about that... then monday came and went. we worked... tuesday, more work and homework with kenzie... not to mention we learned of the book fair at school. wednesday i was a complete idiot! I knew that Ryan has been subbing in a bowling league with his friend kevin, so not thinking about that only thinking that he was off, I agreed to stay at work for an additional 5 hours. Nothing to bad ya think? WRONG!

1. it's bowling night.
2. i have the van at work
3. the car seats are in it.
4. ryan is at home with the kiddos.
5. not thinking again, i take the van home on my lunch break.
6. i return to work and then realize, 'HOW AM I GETTING HOME?'
7. i somehow talk angeleena into taking her luch break when i got off of work so i wouldn't have to walk 3 miles home after working 13 hours!

and now today i am here and trying to recover...

Monday, April 20, 2009

prayin' for ya

aunt sharon babbs. you are in our thoughts. we sure do hope the mri shows that the dr's are wrong and that you will come out knowing that there isn't a brain tumor present.

today has brung lost of news...

the bit above is just one of the many things.

i did learn that i will be seeing aunt sharon's twin aunt ann for maddie's birthday! yay! growing up i didn't really get to see her much, but now that i am an adult, i love my visits with aunt ann. mom will be here with her.

apparently, mom will be single come 60 days from now. don't know all the details, but she has filed for divorce. that is all i can say at this time.

ryan and i discussed the quickie budget finally. our work schedule is really tough for talking, so we did discuss that tonight and we are both in agreement for the budget, now comes the hard part. putting it into action and sticking to it.

maddie got scared like i have never seen her today at work when one of our residents rolled up in his wheelchair wanting to say hello to her. it just kind of freaked her out and she had a rough night after that.

kenzie has the book fair this week at school and has decided to use $9.00 of her tooth fairy money to buy herself some new books. I thought this was really responsible of her.

and that is about all i can think of for now. i need some sleep for work.

oh yeah, i jumped on the twilight band wagon and am happy to say i am liking what i have read so far!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

fun in the sun

We went to the beach yesterday. Green Key isn't the prettiest beach, but it's the closest to the house and has a playground to boot. Riley and Shelby went with me, Kenzie, Maddie, and Carol. Riley and I spent part of our time looking for shells and found slugs instead... see how interesting the shells are?
after a short hike, through the bird trail, this is what we saw...

Having fun on the tire swing...
Riley loved the zip line that was at the playground. She had a small blister on her hand after playing on it so much!

Wow that's a fast slide. I was trying to get a pic of Shelby as she came down, but the camera delayed and this was what I ended up with.

Building a sand castle.

I'm looking Mom, what am I looking for?
These two had a blast pretending to be twins.

Being goofy is her favorite thing to do.

We had so much fun. The water isn't very deep where the deepest is, so we didn't have a lot to worry about with that, and we all had our buckets and had a water fight with them. It was all in all a great time! We love the time we have with Riley and Shelby every time they come to town. We hope soon to be able to go to their house too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a day in pics

Our tree out front has it's first bloom of the year and I wanted to share it with all of you! Spring is here!
Mom, look what the easter bunny brought me while i was at school today. (we did easter today since I had to work on easter sunday)
Cool hat isn't it? It was attached to the baskets and we thought they were just adorable.
Goofy girl is all I can think to write about this child.
I can throw the frisbee too mommma.
Deep in thought about what to do next I guess....
Mommy, take one of me too please!I don't often take pics of me with the kids, so thought I would do this for you... see all those missing teeth?Maddie took time out for one too...
The bunny ya ya and pappy got me...
and we got sunglasses too...Good thing because mine broke this week... says kenzie

as you can see we had an action packed day and all of this was after we helped carol with mulch, bought me a rock band t shirt to wear to work tomorrow... shopped for some party supplies...etc...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

good stuff

kenzie got her report card and has improved in a few areas. also, she read green eggs and ham to me with little help... such a good girl... more to come as maddie is whiney

Saturday, April 11, 2009

getting things done

Hiya all my fans... LOL... I been getting things done. I have painted all but 2 walls and i still need to trim in around the celings and baseboards in the kitchen, hallway, livingroom, and the girls bathroom. I am in the garage today working on it. Getting laundry done at the same time. And all while potty training Maddie. All of a sudden she is interested in what the potty is and what you do on it, so pretty soon, I look for her to be going on there all the time. The other day she said she was poopin, and I told her to go on the potty, and she did, hopefully the rest of the training will go so well. Kenzie has been busy with spring break as well.

I have joined face book. It is kind of cool, but I think I still like myspace a little better. I will keep both. Myspace I can edit to be what I want it to be and it has better games. Face book has more of my high school friends and the family along with better quizzes. So, as you can see I am having a tossup.

We are celebrating Easter next weekend because Roy and Carol are at Derrick and Amanda's house this weekend celebrating Easter, Riley's birthday, and Derrick and Amanda's Anniversary (which is tomorrow). So, since all of that is going on and we had to work this weekend, we opted for next weekend.

Kenzie doesn't know it, but we will be coloring eggs for the easter egg hunt at ya ya's and pappy's next weekend.

And, I guess that I am done with the mess of stuff going on in my mind for now. LOL

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kenzie at the beach with her friends

In the water at Green Key Beach. Her friends invited her to go with them since today was the last day of spring break. Since it was last minute, she had to wear one of the bathing suits that was getting too small for her. Hers is in the wash, so it was either that or she didn't get to go, so we opted for the smaller suit.
Mandy, Kenzie and Sarah enjoying the water. Looks like they had a blast!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, this morning, as I was listening to Dave Ramsey, Maddie comes in the room and declares:

"I'm Poopin'"

I reply with, "Please sit on the potty to Poop."

And a few minutes later, Ryan says, "Honey, she pooped somewhere!" we go into the bathroom and discover that she had attempted to wipe herself and didn't make a big mess. We look further into the situation and find that Maddie had pooped on the potty. Amazing isn't it? Of course we had the potty dance and made a big deal about her doing it. I am just so happy for her!

been a busy week!

So, for the last week, here we go....

thursday-- worked my normal shift.
friday-- same as above
saturday worked 3 to 8 pm
sunday worked 7am to 11pm
monday worked my normal shift
tuesday worked 7am to 8 pm.

i went to work wednesday and was gifted with an extra day off for working so many extra hours for renee. i had worked 26 extra hours in the last week to help her out. so now i am in operation recovery mode lol!

kenzie is on spring break this week, so it has been a little crazy around here.

maddie is getting a little cough. poor babe. and that is about the update for us right now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

catching up

i have been working a lot lately like normal, so i get behind with blogging, but here is what is going on ...

it's spring break. ryan is being trained as a preceptor tomorrow... carol is going to watch the kids for us. i am working my normal shift tomorrow and wednesday, and then renee is giving me thursday off for helping her out so much in the last month. i have worked both of my weekends off in the last four weeks and so she is trying to give me some catch up time. we got maddie's birthday present. i have to clean it up a bit and then i will take a pic and post for you all. she will get it the day of her party. it is hidden in the shed. a good place for it! it rained today and is getting cooler here. today was a perfect day for the gloomy weather. and that is all i can think of that has happened... wait:

i don't remember if i put it here but kenzie lost another tooth!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a sad palm sunday

i worked 21 hours this weekend. it was my weekend off, but i love renee, so i worked it to help her out. mom left me a message on my phone giving me the message that pappy benningfield had passed away. please keep our family in your prayers.

Friday, April 3, 2009

loose teeth again

kenzie looses her teeth two at a time as you have seen by my previous post. she has her two eye teeth on the bottom loose! i am hoping that this doesn't mean she will be the mother of twins in the future LOL. Just kidding. I just thought I would share that bit of info with you guys.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the deal finder!

We decided we wanted to get Maddie an outdoor toy since Kenzie is getting an outdoor toy as well, so I have been scouting out the deals and found a barely used swing along castle climber with slide for $55.00! The cost will be split between three of us so that is under $20 each! Awesome! This leaves me with a little more lea way when it comes to figuring out the sponge bob costume. I am still scouting deals for that one, but may resort to making it myself if you know what I mean!

Kenzie came home from school, had a little accident on her scooter on the way home no thanks to a little pug dog that had gotten out of it's house. I not very wisely picked the darn pup up and proceeded to find it's tag only to find that the phone number listed is out of service and a man in the neighborhood came running to our rescue when the kids wouldn't stop freaking out. I don't know if he found the rightful owner or not, but the kids are home and the scrape on Kenzie's knee isn't too awful. She was turning the corner on her scooter, tried stopping because the dog was running toward her and just lost control and over she went. She has done her homework and will be heading to bed real soon.

Maddie has decided her name isn't Maddie. "I Dewwick and Mana" she says! Gotta tell ya, It's a hard knock life kiddo!

And that is that for now!

20 down....

a bunch to go! I got on the scale today at work and have lost 20 pounds since december! It feels great! I just have a bunch to go!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

stickin to the status quo

not much happening other than... amanda talked me into facebook and i must admit i am liking it... another post when i have something to report