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Saturday, April 11, 2009

getting things done

Hiya all my fans... LOL... I been getting things done. I have painted all but 2 walls and i still need to trim in around the celings and baseboards in the kitchen, hallway, livingroom, and the girls bathroom. I am in the garage today working on it. Getting laundry done at the same time. And all while potty training Maddie. All of a sudden she is interested in what the potty is and what you do on it, so pretty soon, I look for her to be going on there all the time. The other day she said she was poopin, and I told her to go on the potty, and she did, hopefully the rest of the training will go so well. Kenzie has been busy with spring break as well.

I have joined face book. It is kind of cool, but I think I still like myspace a little better. I will keep both. Myspace I can edit to be what I want it to be and it has better games. Face book has more of my high school friends and the family along with better quizzes. So, as you can see I am having a tossup.

We are celebrating Easter next weekend because Roy and Carol are at Derrick and Amanda's house this weekend celebrating Easter, Riley's birthday, and Derrick and Amanda's Anniversary (which is tomorrow). So, since all of that is going on and we had to work this weekend, we opted for next weekend.

Kenzie doesn't know it, but we will be coloring eggs for the easter egg hunt at ya ya's and pappy's next weekend.

And, I guess that I am done with the mess of stuff going on in my mind for now. LOL

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