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Monday, April 20, 2009

prayin' for ya

aunt sharon babbs. you are in our thoughts. we sure do hope the mri shows that the dr's are wrong and that you will come out knowing that there isn't a brain tumor present.

today has brung lost of news...

the bit above is just one of the many things.

i did learn that i will be seeing aunt sharon's twin aunt ann for maddie's birthday! yay! growing up i didn't really get to see her much, but now that i am an adult, i love my visits with aunt ann. mom will be here with her.

apparently, mom will be single come 60 days from now. don't know all the details, but she has filed for divorce. that is all i can say at this time.

ryan and i discussed the quickie budget finally. our work schedule is really tough for talking, so we did discuss that tonight and we are both in agreement for the budget, now comes the hard part. putting it into action and sticking to it.

maddie got scared like i have never seen her today at work when one of our residents rolled up in his wheelchair wanting to say hello to her. it just kind of freaked her out and she had a rough night after that.

kenzie has the book fair this week at school and has decided to use $9.00 of her tooth fairy money to buy herself some new books. I thought this was really responsible of her.

and that is about all i can think of for now. i need some sleep for work.

oh yeah, i jumped on the twilight band wagon and am happy to say i am liking what i have read so far!

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