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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tons of fun...

is comming... i just know it is... has to be... been a crazy day today at work.... we had tons of behavior issues, so i just know it has to be getting better soon...

on a better note, the girls are being very helpful today. kenzie even has her bag packed for "a sleepover with shelby, riley, maggie and sam" ! lol. as long as things go well, we will be heading out on friday to go to orlando and spend the weekend with derrick and amanda. it's been a while since we've been to their house, and we need a little break, so we are orlando bound.

kenzie is a whiz kid with dot to dot's. carol got her and shelby books of dot to dots and kenzie sat down and within 1/2 hour, she had it done. the whole book that is! she loves them!

maddie is running around the house chanting, "i do dewwick and manna's" so she is getting hyped up too! it is so cute!

and that is about it for now... more to come.

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