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Thursday, April 2, 2009

the deal finder!

We decided we wanted to get Maddie an outdoor toy since Kenzie is getting an outdoor toy as well, so I have been scouting out the deals and found a barely used swing along castle climber with slide for $55.00! The cost will be split between three of us so that is under $20 each! Awesome! This leaves me with a little more lea way when it comes to figuring out the sponge bob costume. I am still scouting deals for that one, but may resort to making it myself if you know what I mean!

Kenzie came home from school, had a little accident on her scooter on the way home no thanks to a little pug dog that had gotten out of it's house. I not very wisely picked the darn pup up and proceeded to find it's tag only to find that the phone number listed is out of service and a man in the neighborhood came running to our rescue when the kids wouldn't stop freaking out. I don't know if he found the rightful owner or not, but the kids are home and the scrape on Kenzie's knee isn't too awful. She was turning the corner on her scooter, tried stopping because the dog was running toward her and just lost control and over she went. She has done her homework and will be heading to bed real soon.

Maddie has decided her name isn't Maddie. "I Dewwick and Mana" she says! Gotta tell ya, It's a hard knock life kiddo!

And that is that for now!

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