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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a day in pics

Our tree out front has it's first bloom of the year and I wanted to share it with all of you! Spring is here!
Mom, look what the easter bunny brought me while i was at school today. (we did easter today since I had to work on easter sunday)
Cool hat isn't it? It was attached to the baskets and we thought they were just adorable.
Goofy girl is all I can think to write about this child.
I can throw the frisbee too mommma.
Deep in thought about what to do next I guess....
Mommy, take one of me too please!I don't often take pics of me with the kids, so thought I would do this for you... see all those missing teeth?Maddie took time out for one too...
The bunny ya ya and pappy got me...
and we got sunglasses too...Good thing because mine broke this week... says kenzie

as you can see we had an action packed day and all of this was after we helped carol with mulch, bought me a rock band t shirt to wear to work tomorrow... shopped for some party supplies...etc...

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