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Monday, April 27, 2009

back to the grind

so, i have been not updating daily, but i am trying to get back to doing it. a few things:

*kenzie rode the motorcycle with roy and carol today. something they have spent 5 years trying to get her to do. go kenzie!

*i am having a meeting with the school this week. will update you on how that goes

*carol is gonna sneak away from life and have lunch with kenzie one day this week at school.

*maddie is my usual helper... wanting to mop the kitchen again... grrr.

*ryan is working... status quo there...

*CONGRATS TO BROOKLYN! Maria delivered baby Elizabeth yesterday. Thank God for a healthy and happy baby and momma! (you can see maria's blog for that info... thanks to beth spencer for the updates on there)

*looks like we are heading to orlando for the weekend. yeah. a weekend away is much needed.

*i have fooled ed at work into thinking i am cutting back my hours... just not working as many long days as i did the week that he thought i needed to be psycologically evaluated to see if i was sane or not. he laughed when i said that i had asked our psych doc for an eval and he turned me down LOL!

*i have been working in activities a lot lately. it is a nice change, but would like to be on 300 or 400 better. working on the units, allow for more calorie burning.

*since the treadmill was free, and someone needed it on freecycle, i decided since i wasn't using it as much as i thought i would, i passed it on and hope that christine can use it where i didn't.

*i am running out of things to write here.

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