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Monday, April 6, 2009

catching up

i have been working a lot lately like normal, so i get behind with blogging, but here is what is going on ...

it's spring break. ryan is being trained as a preceptor tomorrow... carol is going to watch the kids for us. i am working my normal shift tomorrow and wednesday, and then renee is giving me thursday off for helping her out so much in the last month. i have worked both of my weekends off in the last four weeks and so she is trying to give me some catch up time. we got maddie's birthday present. i have to clean it up a bit and then i will take a pic and post for you all. she will get it the day of her party. it is hidden in the shed. a good place for it! it rained today and is getting cooler here. today was a perfect day for the gloomy weather. and that is all i can think of that has happened... wait:

i don't remember if i put it here but kenzie lost another tooth!

1 comment:

  1. What is a preceptor? Congrads on the toothless wonder. Hope springbreak is stress free. Pappy is looking down on you so be thankful. Will tell you my hot mess on the phone. Love you. Kiss n hug the girls for me.

    ~Sissy Angel