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Thursday, April 23, 2009

interesting week

this week has flown by. first we started with having tons of fun last weekend, but I blogged about that... then monday came and went. we worked... tuesday, more work and homework with kenzie... not to mention we learned of the book fair at school. wednesday i was a complete idiot! I knew that Ryan has been subbing in a bowling league with his friend kevin, so not thinking about that only thinking that he was off, I agreed to stay at work for an additional 5 hours. Nothing to bad ya think? WRONG!

1. it's bowling night.
2. i have the van at work
3. the car seats are in it.
4. ryan is at home with the kiddos.
5. not thinking again, i take the van home on my lunch break.
6. i return to work and then realize, 'HOW AM I GETTING HOME?'
7. i somehow talk angeleena into taking her luch break when i got off of work so i wouldn't have to walk 3 miles home after working 13 hours!

and now today i am here and trying to recover...

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