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Friday, October 26, 2012

From Student of the Month to Cookin' Cuite

My girls are go getters!  Every year at least 1 time, they are named student of the month!  To celebrate, I decided to let Mackenzie help make dinner.  She LOVES cooking!  So I picked something she's been asking me to make and let her make it!  Super easy and FUN!

Meatball Subs:


1 Jar Pasta Sauce
Hoagie rolls (they need to be connected on one side but open on the other side)
Aluminum Foil
Mozzerella Cheese


Put Meatballs in large pot.  Turn on to Medium heat.  Cover in pasta sauce and gently stir around.  When they are heated through, Place them in the rolls.  4 meatballs per sandwich.  Then COVER in Mozzerella Cheese!  Bake at 400 on a cookie sheet until cheese is melted, golden and bubbly! 

We are gonna really LOVE these in a few minutes :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time for ME!

Many of you know, that I don't really do anything for myself, and over the years I have battled with going back to school or not.  Well in the last year, I have really been feeling the pull to do it.  After much consideration, I am going to go back!  This summer I'll have to get my pre req's done.  After that it's the RN program for me!  WooHoo!!! 

You might be wondering what has sparked this right?  Well, I have a passion for helping others.  I have experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  And it offers a great advancement opportunity!  Basically, my background is medical so why change that right? 

The girls are getting old enough that I can enroll them in PLACE in order for me to do this. And I have the support of my husband.  So I really feel like this is the time!  I think that over the last 3 years, God  has been preparing me for this.  Again you may be asking how I know this, well try applying for 3 years at different places and being told at every one that I am OVER QUALIFIED!  It's really disheartening!  So this just tells me I am 2 years away from a wonderful career full of rewarding possibilities!  As a nurse, not only can I help others, but it will be rewarding from the first day of my first shift!  I can't wait! 

So what all do I have to do toward this?  Well, first, I have to order my high school transcripts.  This is happening this week.  I just have to print out the paper that I have to send in with my payement.  Then I have to take the TEAS test.  That will be scheduled this week as well.  After those, I have to apply for the college and get the info for when the next set of pre req's can be taken.  And apply for financial aid.  After all of that, I'll be set to start my classes.  And to be honest, I am very excited about it! 

So, you're prolly wondering why I opened this with a photo of me right?  Well, that's the newest photo of me.  I took it last week with my cell phone, and I have to tell ya that it's the first photo I have ever done of myself that I actually like!  My self image has changed so much in the last 3 years it's crazy! 

Anyhoo, more to come!  Praise the Lord!