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Monday, February 21, 2011

fun projects

so, as we all know, i get all into paper crafts... well, when i post my next few projects, you may want to take me to the loony bin!!! i am using oragami in one of them (this one will post much later than the first) and the other was due to a challenge blog! I am working on a christmas themed cereal box mini album!!! yep. I am using a cereal box that was about empty and turned it into a really cute mini album... i am still working on it so pics will come this evening or tomorrow after the glue has all dried... so far i have used:
1 cheerio's box
7 printed papers all from the die cuts with a view christmas pad i got on sale a few months ago... i may pull in a few more for mats and embellishments as well..

and it wouldn't be one of my mini's without fibers, so you can expect to see some pretty green (and if i can get my hands on some red ones, i'll put them on it too :))

i am feeling better, still have a cough, but all in all the cox's are all on the road to recovery and if kenzie keeps behaving she will be on the way to deltona with us this weekend.

maddie is just as sweet as can be today. she went upstairs and asked, "daddy, can mommy and me have the car today so we can take mommy and me somewheres special?" lol! how funny is that kiddo!

and that bout does it for the update... more to come :)

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