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Monday, July 30, 2012


Ok, so it's really early in the morning for me to be blogging. I usually wait until later in the day, but I figured hey, why not get this put on there while it's fresh in my mind!!! First, I have to ask, is AWESOMENESS even a word????

So, as some of my readers already know, my husband and I have been married for almost 10 years. Up until this year, we were hit or miss with church. We would have times where we would be at church every Tuesday night for my Women's group and his Mens group, every Thursday evening for mid week service and every Sunday for service. While we were being fed, I was also volunteering in the 4 year olds class. That can be a challenge in itself. And that's a whole nother post that I should do sometime. But this year, God laid it on my heart to start going to our Couples Class. This class has been amazing! It has taught us both many things, so I was excited to have a Sunday to sit in the class with my husband and not worry if the kids were being good in their classes because they were at yaya's house. Well, as it turns out, there were tons of Announcements. During one of them, Susan said that the church was looking for 2 couples to "volunteer".

Immediately, God tugged on my heartstrings!!! This was an event I have been wanting to go to, and I'll tell you what it is, just be patient.

So to fully understand the whole story, I have to back up a bit. About a year ago, I had heard about this movie that was sweeping the nation. I tend to like to read the book, then see the movie. Many people think that ruins the movie, but my mindset is that by reading the book, I know what the characters are thinking in certain parts therefore enhancing my movie experience, so I downloaded Fireproof to my kindle. I finally read it this spring and WOW! That was one amazing book!!! Ok, so fast forward now to Saturday night... Ryan came home from dropping the kids off at his mom and dad's house. I was doing some work on the computer, and he said, "Honey, how about a movie tonight?" So I asked him to pick one out while I finished what I was doing. He still hadn't decided on what movie on Netflix to watch, so when I got done, I took the remote and started scrolling through, when I landed on Fireproof, we both were like, "lets watch that" so we did. Now, for some background info, my husband isn't a movie person, normally falls asleep during movies. Not this one. He watched the full thing and was in awe of it!
So, when in class, they asked for volunteers, I asked him if he would want to do it. He said, well, I'll have to take that day off, so he's gonna and not only are we volunteering for the event, but we get into the Love Worth Fighting For event at my church for free!!!

Love Worth Fighting For is an event that is going around the nation right now. Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield are the ones who lead this event and it's going to be amazing! We both are excited to go! But if you are wanting more information about it or to preorder tickets, head over to the Love Worth Fighting For Website! It's pretty amazing for us to be able to go to one of these workshops!!!

While this means I will have to get a sitter for a long day, I don't mind because not only is it Serving the Lord through this awesome event, but it's also feeding my faith, as well as connecting and learning with my husband by my side! This is a monumental event because, one month five days later, we will be celebrating (at home) our 10 year wedding anniversary and a few weeks later, we will celebrate with our couples class at the couples camping retreat! So, this will just kick off our fall of amazing couples activities!

More is sure to come on that! So, I have had a weekend that I can describe in one word: AWESOMENESS!

Peace, Love, and JESUS CHRIST!!!!

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