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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my new job

so for some of you, you know that i am now working at a nursing home closer to home. it is about two miles from home, which is nice. i am working on the alzheimers unit there (sometimes it feels more like the psych ward) but these people don't understand that they are hurting us, so we are ok with the abuse we sometimes encounter at work. ryan too works on the same unit. i am working day shift and he does evenings. we are really enjoying having our shifts back this way. i am now able to sleep at night and spend time with the girls in the evenings.

on the way home from work i noticed that someone was giving away a treadmill. i, like maria, am all about cheap, but free is better. i have been wanting to get a piece of exercise equipment and since the man was outside the house i stopped to see if it still worked and when he said it did, i asked him to help me get it in my van. so now i have a treadmill and the man said to me as i left, "happy exercising" which i thought was really nice of him to wish me well.

kenzie went to zoey's birthday party last saturday, and had a blast. she wants to have hers at the park where zoey had hers. we are thinking about it. kenzie will be 6 on sunday, so we are planning on doing a party later this month or early next month. will keep everyone posted as i can on that.

maddie is starting to talk more and more. now i have two kids talking non stop.

and that is about the update other than: I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING DOWN SOME UGLY BORDER! then i will paint the living room.

we wish everyone well and talk to you all soon

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