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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cakes and More

I have been a busy little bee. I made a Hannah Montanna inspired cake last week. I have busted out an Africa one this week. I have 4 more this week. One of which will be done when we can get together with Roy and Carol. The other three are a cell phone smash cake, a castle cake, and an avon bag with nail polish and lipstick samples out of fondant. They will all be fun to do! We are heading to church this evening and can't wait. Kenzie and Maddie have been kids. Kenzie had a quick trip to the E.R. because she got a tiny rubberband up her nose, but all is well there. Maddie has been a little model. I will have to put the pics here, but if you want to see them and are on my friends list on facebook, you can find them in there already. If you don't know you can see my cakes here and that is about the update for now... more to come.

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