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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tiny Dancer.... Pre Ballet... Super Athlete

Lots has transpired since coming home from Orlando.

Monday- Labor Day, Mom and Dad worked. Kenzie and Maddie hung out.
Tuesday- Mom and Dad worked. Kenzie, Maddie, and Mommy went to church. Mommy agreed to do a wedding cake! I can't believe I did it. I am praying that God will control my hands as I do this cake since I always said I would never get into wedding cakes due to the stress! I do love Stacy though!
Wednesday- Mommy worked. Daddy organized in the house. Maddie went to Tiny Dancers. She was really shy and didn't get very into it, but it is all new to her, so hopefully in the coming weeks, she will do better with it. Kenzie went to Pre Ballet and Tap. Miss Ashley and Mrs. Amy were beaming with Joy telling us how well she did in the class and she asked as soon as we left the church if she could go back next week! I think we might have found something she enjoys!


She recieved a "Super Athlete" award for participation, showing leadership, and great listening skills! I was so proud of her because she isn't the athlete type I didn't think! Mr. Poll (her p.e. teacher) was proud and she loves him!

And that is all for now! Tune in for more updates!

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