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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camping At Starkey Park

We decided we would take the girls camping this weekend with our friends Kevin, Deb, and Little Kevin. It was so much fun.

Ryan worked 3-11 with Kevin, so he caught a ride out to the campground with him. At about 2 pm, I met Deb, Kenzie, and Little Kevin at the Campground with Maddie. We rented a cabin for the weekend. It was big enough to sleep 8 and so we were totally comfortable in there. Except for a storm rolled in and cut what little power we had off and let me tell you 6 hours with no fan in 100 degree weather and 3 cranky kids doesn't make for a good night.

We woke up to low water pressure in the Shower House. It didn't get restored until 9 pm. Gah!!! So we all showered, the kids went to bed and I did too....

We got up and left. We had had enough. We did get some cute pics of some wildlife. I'll have to upload them when I get a chance.

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