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Friday, May 6, 2011

just a few notes of how our week has been...

*ryan started his new job on sunday

*the girls have been status quo

* our tomatoes and sunflowers are doing great

*yesterday i woke up sicker than a dog.

*tomorrow is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY so ryan is taking kenzie to his mom's house (maddie is already there) and i am going to attempt to participate in the events that are being held on

* mothers day so far has been great. ryan gave me some scrappy supplies and kenzie made me a really cute pen that has flowers coming out of the top of it. it is stored on my desk in a little flowerpot she brought it home from school in. totally cute. she also wrote a story about me... i'll get it out of the car tomorrow and post it. I do have to say that her handwriting is improving so very much! she is reading up a storm and now we just have to focus on her mathmatics ability. i loved math, but ryan hated it from what i understand... kenzie doesn't mind it she just struggles with it...

and that is all i have the energy for tonight... must go watch gray's anatomy on the netflix and then to bed :)

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