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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Maddie was a sickly lil girl yesterday. Well it started Saturday in Orlando, but got bad enough Monday evening we took her to the er. She has a double middle ear infection. Not good, but she's on antibiotics and should be good to go very soon.

I have finally figured out 2 backdrops I can use for the Santa photos! Woo Hoo! I was really trying to come up with something that wouldn't look too bad, and well, I think I have done it. Now I just have to decide on the one I am going to end up using!!!

Ryan's doing well. Still loving his job.

Kenzie is still doing well in 3rd grade. She's gotten in the habit of reading to Maddie on a regular basis! Awesome! And that's really all that's going on here other than next week maddie gets to wear her sock monkey jammies to school! she's totally excited! it's a fun christmas thing they are doing with her class!

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