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Sunday, February 19, 2012

been a while

well, it's been a while since i posted here. i really need to get back to blogging... hope this will be the beginning of that.


christmas was great! the girls got tons of things they love. glass plate kit and tablets were just a couple of the items they loved!

new years: we were invited to party with scott and juanita again. we did this two years a go and had a blast both times! kenzie got really into karaoke. to the extent that she does it just about daily now!

january was quite the month. we decided very last minute to move. we are now sharing a huge house with scott and juanita. the girls have their own rooms and loads of yard to play in.

kenzie's birthday was a huge success last weekend. she has been singing glee karaoke revolution daily and doing some just dance three a lot as well :) the next day we took the family to the state fair. although it was VERY cold, we had a blast and came home with an expanded family. we now consist of juanita, scott, teddy (kalahula dog), nala (pitt mix), goober (beta fish), spunky (koi), ryan, dawn, kenzie, maddie, glowy (koi), dory (koi), goldie (goldfish), goldielocks (goldfish), and tanner (gold fish). goldie and tanner didn't make it. they passed away within a few days, but the rest of our fish family is doing great! oh and i almost forgot skye! our parakeet!

since that we have taken it easy. the car decided to start sounding like a nascar, but since scott knows how to weld we got that taken care of pretty quickly. and that's that. ryan will be working in orlando tomorrow and who knows where else LOL

that's all for now. hope to upload a few photo's at a later time :)

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