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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cold snap please go away!

Another cold snap hit our area, and I'm not a fan of it!  I just wish the weather would decide if it wants to stay warm or cold.  This back and forth stuff is for the birds!  So other than that not a lot going on.

We are continuing our house search.  We've wanted to find a nice house at a good price, and well, we are still on that search.  We aren't sure where in the area we will find our house, but it's a continuing process.  Keeping the budget in mind while we look is really the deciding factor there.

I'm continuing my job search.  It's been a tough market for a couple years so I'm hoping that I will find something soon.  I don't HAVE to go back to work but it just would make it so much easier as far as our budget goes.

Kenzie is doing great!  She was in a mainstream class for the first time since Kindergarten on Friday and LOVED it!  I'll be e-mailing the teacher she spent the day with to see how it went from a teacher's perspective.

Maddie had a rough week, but that's also a work in progress.  Sometimes kids have better weeks than others.  So we are working with her on following directions.

And Ryan is still in South Carolina... Status quo.

I'll update more as more things develop here :)

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