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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Updated list of todo's

I thought I would show you the updated to do list for the Nursing program, it's been a fun transitional time in my life.  I can't wait for this program! It will feel great to go through the program and come out on top of my life finally!  I agree, I shouldn't have waited so long to go back to school, but God has a plan, and he needed me to go through life down this path for a reason.  I will succeed!  

Submit Application
Placement Test

Teas (nursing placement test)-- I took a practice teas yesterday, and if it were the teas for getting into the program, I would be in right now!  LOL  So, I have some registering for the teas and studying to be able to score that good on the longer test.  
Submit any transcripts
College Experience Course
CPR certification
Interview with Dean
Enrollment Agreement
Background Checks
Meet with the financial aid appointment
Nursing Orientation
Start Classes

Just a quick update on the girls and Ryan:

Ryan is still plugging away working out of town a lot these days.  Some days are more stressful for him than others, but he's providing for his family and that's all that matters.  He can't wait til he gets to come home for a visit I am sure, but he knows that he has to provide, and that's what he is doing. 

Kenzie is getting bigger and bigger.  She can't wait for 4th grade to start!  I can't wait to see what she'll accomplish this year!  She's becoming closer and closer with Ariel, her bff!  They are like sisters anymore!  To the extent that she's gonna go to a cheerleading practice later this week to see if she wants to try it out for a season.  

Maddie is my lil peanut who LOVES animals!  Right now she's sleeping on the couch with Skylar!  We stayed last night with Diana.  And Maddie curls up on the couch with the dogs and cats all the time.  She loves them so much!  Sometimes I wonder if she's gonna be a vet when she grows up LOL!  

And that's about the update.  

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