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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

bling bling BAM!

ABck almost 11 years ago, we got married.  My mother in law had given an engagement ring to my husband to give me.  She had won it in a raffle when my Sister in law was getting married to my brother in law.  Fast forward a few years, we are living in Port Richey, and I go to my jewelery box to get my rings as I did every morning that I wasn't working at the nursing homes, and found that not only was my engagement band gone, but so was my heart ring that Mackenzie and Ryan had gotten me when she was almost a year old, my wedding band, and my new cross necklace that I had gotten for christmas.  I hadn't gotten the chance to wear it because I was looking for a longer chain for it.  Stolen.  It broke my heart.  So much so that I hadn't even thought about replacing it.  I had looked with Ryan, but we just couldn't replace it knowing that the other set had meant so much.  Well, now about 2.5 to 3 years later I found this:

and my hubby said to get it!  Woo Hoo!  I'm in love with this set!  I hadn't even told Carol the story of my jewelery going missing because I was so broken hearted over it.  It had meant so much and she had saved that ring for years before giving it to Ryan to give to me.  It had more than monetary value, it had sentimental value.  When I e mailed (because she doesn't live locally anymore) I got a response that I wasn't expecting.  Carol had some good jewelery go missing too!  I almost couldn't believe we both had the same story, while I don't know what all was taken, I know it had sentimental value to her.  And while we couldn't afford a $25,000 set, the set we got, I love! I've had it for a day and a half and it already is giving me sentimental value! 

Now for the BAM!  

CONGRADULATIONS Mackenzie!  She got nominated to run for student council!  Wow!  Go girl!  More details on that as the whole process goes on I've never had anything like that and she hasn't either, so we are VERY proud of her!!!!

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