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Thursday, November 7, 2013

sometimes i wonder

sometimes i wonder how i do the things i do.  i mean, really, come on now.  while many are thinking, she doesn't work, she doesn't do this or that, think about the amount of stress she may or may not be under.  while i don't work out side of the home, i have more stress on me on a daily basis than many can imagine.  i have had more sadness in my lifetime than i would wish on anyone, yet i am expected to pretend that nothing is going on.  i am given the opportunity to have threats thrown at me more often than any other person should, yet i'm not supposed to be upset by those threats to me and my family.  while they aren't life or death, they hurt just like if they were.  i wish that my life were easier, i wish i had an easy button, but fortunately, i know that god will never give me anything i can't handle and everything that happens to me goes through his hands first.  thank god i have friends who can remind me of that.  while i will not disclose all that is going on i will say this, hold firm the the love of the savior because you never know when you will need him.  don't question what he wills for you, as he wills only what is going to be best for you.

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