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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Homeschool Ponderings

Over the last few years, Mackenzie has been the victim of bullying. this past January, we had had enough. We decided to pull her out of public school with the intention to homeschool her. We were planning to use Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. The reason behind this was that she could work at her own pace and be able to finish multiple grades per year. All of her lessons were all planned out and on the website. Ultimately we went with Marion Virtual because the homeschool office talked us into it.

I am still not 100% sure that we like the virtual, but that's ok. She started about 3.5 weeks after the start of the term and worked her tail off. She finished the term about 2 weeks after the end of the regular school year. We finally got all of her grades and she's good to go. She's now an 8th grader.

She's asking to be moved to Florida Virtual because that way she can still get her high school diploma and all that jazz. We have major decisions coming up and we do not know if we want to stay with the virtual program. I will be researching some other homeschool curriculum over the next few weeks and we will have a decision made by the end of the summer. Either way, she does not want to go back to the middle school here. The kids were just awful to her. We would like to have been able to made her a car rider, but we cannot because Madison is a car rider and the schools start at the same time so one of the kids would always be late to school.

Having the experience of the virtual school has taught us all not to give up. There are other options out there for students who simply do not do well in the public school sector. Right now she is still a student of the public school sector, she just does all of her coursework at home.

Our decision comes in this manner, if she does not continue with a virtual school through the state, she will need to take the GED. Mackenzie has a history of not doing so well on standardized tests. If we pull her and allow her to do the conventional homeschool method, we have to keep records and take them to a public school official and hope that they will sign off on the education so that she can be moved to the next grade.

I like that Easy Peasy is customizable to what the child's interests are, but I love that with the state virtual schools, she does not have to take another standardized test to prove that she has an adequate education to be able to find her first job and get into college. What I wonder is if there is a trade school she could get into. With her lower test scores, I am wondering if trade school would be the best option for her at this time.

So many thoughts and not much time... Until next time, God bless you and yours!

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