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Monday, November 16, 2009

christmas is comming

so, i keep trying to find new ideas for everyone in my family. carol has given me a list, so has derrick and amanda... i know what i am getting riley. shelby is done... kenzie is almost done... maddie i haven't even begun on. ryan hasn't informed me of what he is desiring to recieve. and the same rings true for roy... grandma, well, i am just trying to decide on her... my mom i have part of hers done.... do the holidays ever end? i would guess not for me... i start early (i started in july this year, but somehow got behind on my gift buying... ) what am i gonna do to get caught up? who knows... LOL although, i can't wait for christmas because i am getting excited about what the kids are getting... LOL... i have also asked ryan to get me something really big, so we will see if he follows through with what i have asked him to do or not... since i gave him many ideas, who knows what i will get and that is what i like about the whole thing... kenzie has asked for only one thing... and maddie doesn't fully understand just yet what the whole big deal about christmas is yet, but she will very soon. since i have to work on christmas day, i think kenzie and i will bake a cake for jesus' birthday to take to roy and carol's house that weekend and have a good ole time!

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