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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Long awaited

Well, since we have moved, I hadn't gotten the internet and cable turned on. I broke down this month and got my services re established today. I am trying to decide what pics to upload since we have taken soooooo many since the last upload! The girls are in dance class. I go to womens at church every tuesday. We go every Thursday to evening services and I teach in 4'
s 3 weeks a month. Not to mention the normal stuff we try to do... So we are a busy family, but all in all we are doing good. Ryan has been where we work now for a year and my anniverssary is in January. It is hard to believe that Christmas is next month, good thing I am done with Kenzie and only have a few more things to get for Maddie... Can't wait for it to be over!!!! I am so excited for the girls. Kenzie is doing really good in school (oh yeah, i volunteer in her math class every thursday) and Maddie is blossoming like you wouldn't believe. Well I better go for now. More to come!

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