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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, it's been a busy time since my last post. Maddie had her evaluation which has led to a referral for district to take her in the sound room to check her hearing. She wouldn't cooperate the last time, so we will be traveling to Wesley Chapel for the sound room. Then after we get the results from that, Mrs. Lavin will be sending in a referral for the Pre K team to do a full evaluation of her. From there, we will keep you posted. I am taking her in to get her eyes checked so that we can have that under our belts as well.

Kenzie made Citizen of the Month for last month, so we had a nice celebration for her 2 weeks ago at the school. We also made Super Star Athlete in the last few months.

I volunteered on Spring Pics day, so that was lots of fun getting to meet Mr. Poll was quite the treat! He's a great guy!

I am teaching 3 thursdays a month, so I am a busy girl (at church).

Kenzie is now in Missionettes at church while Ryan and I are in Mens and Womens. Maddie is in her little class with Miss Jessica! She loves it.

I have been getting one night a week to go scrapbooking with my friends! I cherish my time with the girls! Everyone needs it! It is such a stress releasing time! I can't believe I survived motherhood without one! LOL

Kenzie is having her birthday party in about 2 weeks! We can't wait. It's gonna be tons of fun!

I will be taking a before pic and an after one. I am on a mission to loose 100 pounds! I will be starting the South Beach Diet come tuesday with Jessica and who knows, by October, I hope to be a skinny minni! I have a Women of Faith Conference and a wedding to attend that month, so I am hoping that I will have enough time to look my best ever by then.

I got my hair cut and copper highlights put in and I love it.

and I guess that about does it for me....

Hope to be here more often!

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