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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Couponin' Cox's

So, with the economy being what it is, and me not working, I decided it was my job to try and save us as much money as I can, so couponing has become a major part of my job! It's amazing some of the deals I can get with doing this. For example, I am going to the store tomorrow for a few things and one of them is Crystal Light. We go through that stuff like crazy! Not only is it great tasting, but it also is a healthier alternative to koolaid. So, it's on sale BOGO (Buy one, Get one) and I have coupons, so I will buy 4. Here's the breakdown:

(4) Crystal Light-- 5.98
(4) $1 off 1 Crystal Light Manufacturer Coupon
(1) $1 off 4 Crystal Light Target Coupons

Total price out of pocket will be: 98 Cents~!!! That makes them 24 cents a piece. Not bad for a product that is normally 2.99 each! So that's a savings of 84% on one item we use all the time.

Now, with the TLC show Extreme Couponing, there have been issues of people going and buying the stores out of everything on sale. I want to take this time to clear up a few things.

* When I coupon, I only buy things I know I will use or can donate to our church's Food Ministry (Helping Hands)
* I get 4 newspapers a week. This may seem like a lot, but really, it isn't. When I went to a coupon workshop, it was suggested to buy 2 per person in the house and one extra. I don't do that. I want to make sure that we save money, but I don't want to seem greedy, so I settle for 1 paper for each of us.
* I do print some coupons online BUT it is only the ones I know I am going to use. If I won't use it why would I take it from someone who may need it? It doesn't make sense to me.
* I also shop around (compare the ads) Most of the time I end up at PUBLIX because they tend to have the better price (BOGO) and a great couponing policy.

i'll start adding a few tips as I can for couponing to this blog. It's really become a game for me and I really enjoy feeling like I am helping the family out by doing this. I have even gotten the girls into it and Ryan is getting aboard too.

the last note i want to leave you with today is this:

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SAVING MONEY VIA COUPONS, YOU CAN'T PLAY THE BRAND GAME! you will save more money by using the sales to your advantage. Once you have a stockpile you will be a happy camper!!!

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