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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a quiet day

today is a quiet day. it's wierd really. not used to the house being so quiet. but with the girls on a mini vacation with yaya and pappy, it's nice! ryan is sleeping and i am putting around here getting a few things accomplished... gotta do what i can before the girls get back on thursday because we are goign to have max and cathy in town thursday and friday.... so i gotta get things done.

kenzie is doing well. she's getting so big! i can't believe how much she has grown... looking through old pictures really jogs the memory...

maddie is getting excited about going to kindergarten this year...

and ryan is snoozing as he has to work tonight... so things are just about the same...

i'm hoping to get some more couponing info together for you all in a little bit so i can post that..

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