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Saturday, July 16, 2011

giddy girls

so it's been a while since i have posted, but i have good reason. my laptop isn't doing so well. i am waiting to get it fixed, so i use the computer when i can. the girls are getting so giddy! they are excited for a few reasons.

* they get to go see aunt amanda, uncle derrick, aunt taylor, riley, shleby, maggie and sam tomorrow.

* they both are getting giddy for school to start!

Madison is excited that she will be starting kindergarten in the fall.

Kenzie is growing so fast! I can't believe she is going into 3rd grade already.

* they both are doing a little practice math over the summer. they love it. No, maddie doesnt' quite get it but I am introducing her into the addition she will be introduced to in kindergarten. it will be good for her to practice and get familiar with some of the problems she will see in the coming year. kenzie however is doing good. she is great with her addition so far and although her subtraction is needing work, this is why we are doing this program. She has always been weak in the subject, but I am hoping that by having her do this, we will eliminate some of her struggles over the 3rd grade.

and that's about all i have for now... will upload some cute pics later :)

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