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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

your attitude stinks

interesting title isn't it? well that's what i feel like saying to kenzie. sure, mommy was great when she let me go to orlando to see riley and shelby... but now that i have been home for a few days, mommy is the meanest person on earth and i don't like her so i am going to give her a really bad attitude from the time i wake up to well past my bedtime... it is getting old really quick, so guess what? KENZIE IS GROUNDED! from now until i find that she has started to regret being mean. no computer, no wii, no phone calls, no visiting friends, no visiting relatives, no surprises, no tv. all she is allowed to do is read her books and work on her math using our chalk board. (oh, and i forgot to add, NO DS!) she will learn one way or another that the way she has been acting lately is not something that she can get by with. i would ground her from her bicycle, but it wouldn't do any good since the tire is flat LOL i will be making her go outside and run laps about once every two hours starting now, so that will be a nice break. when she can be nice and get along with her sister without fighting then i might start to reward her with some of the things she is grounded from back. in the mean time, i am revamping our family rules as it seems this summer they have gotten thrown out the window as we go 80 on the interstate on our way home from orlando. anyway, enough rambling... i'll go to working on our family rules now.... i do not like blogging in a negative way, i just needed to get this off my chest.

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