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Saturday, May 19, 2012

hmmm.. not sure what to title this

so, since the last post here, maddie has turned 6!!!  and we are having her birthday party tomorrow.  we are taking her to the beach because that's what she wants.  and doing a barbie party.  while she doesn't know what her cake looks like, i am sure she will love it!

we found out we can take over this house and not have to move so that's good.  the better news is that we will have only power to pay.  before we were paying 10 less plus water and power, cable etc.  so that will be a breather.  it's a large house, yes it needs work, but all houses need work to become homes.  i can't wait to get started personalizing this house into our home (even if it is temporary).

now onto other things, not sure why, but i am feelign kind of akward when i go to the mommy group here as of lately because all of those mommy's have babies or toddlers, and my kids are school age.  not to mention it almost feels like i am not wanted sometimes.  i mean, i plan events with them and then all of a sudden the events have to be handed over to this one or that one. or they are changed totally.  it just makes me feel really unwanted.  i do think that the next meet which is the last for the year will be my last time traveling down to holiday for it.  i think i would rather figure out a way to find some mom's in the girls ages to start my own mommy group with even if it is just going to the park for the kids to play while we momma's hang out.  i have one friend with a son the age of kenzie, and her niece has a son the age of maddie so maybe we can start working on that together... just feeling really left out.  it's like most of my friends are only friends when it's convenient for THEM.  and that's not what friendship is supposed to be.

and that's my vent for now.

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