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Friday, June 15, 2012

decisions and moving on

while you know this week has been a week of decisions, we have gone through the decision making process for quite a while and most of the time i feel like we haven't made the best decisions, but when i think about that i resolve to move on to better decision making. with that said, i woke up this morning and made the decision to go to career central. while many of you might not know what this palce is, it's a place locally that will assist with employment and training to re enter the work force. i got the orientation for the wia program done. i've put in a few applications, and now am working on getting a great resume done.

ryan is working on a few things of his own, and i am hoping that sometime soon he will want to blog about that too.

kenzie and maddie have been great throughout this whole process... so they will be excited to learn that i stopped in at the y to apply for the open doors program! so i am hoping we can start that soon too.

my friend christine has been trying to get me to try a zumba class, but i've always turned her down, tonight i will be going with a different friend to try zumba with her! can't wait to see if i can keep up with these ladies! i'm sure i'll be worn out by the time i get home, but it will be worth it!

while at walmart, i saw a ring i wanted to try on, they didn't have it in my size, but i did learn that my weightloss has resulted in me loosing 2 ringsizes!!! wooohooooo! that's awesome!

and that's about where i will leave this post off. i am hoping that i will remember to blog at least once a week from here on out, but if i don't, i'll be back as quick as i can.

have a god blessed father's day weekend!!!!

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