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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Set of Steps

So, I just got off of the phone with the college, and here are the steps I have to take:

1. Submit General Application and $25 Application Fee
2. Submit my High School Transcript (I have contacted the District, so I am just waiting on that one to come in)
3. Apply for Financial Aid as soon as possible.
4. Sit for Placement TEAS test. Submit $50 Testing Fee
5. Go in for New Student Orientation.
6. Attend Advisor Appointment to set schedule and answer any questions.
7. Take Pre Requisites-- A & P 1 and the Lab, Microcomputer Applications, Science of Human Nutrition, and Intro to Psych.

So now for the hurry up part of this, to be able to go in January, I have to have all of this done by September 2012, So I think it's safe to say, I'll enter the program next August. While it's a year away, that gives me time to get it all done. I'll have until May to get everything done, so that gives me time to get all of my classes under my belt and be excited for the RN program to start. After it starts, I'll have about a year and a half until I am done!!!

More updates are sure to follow this!

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