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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The things kids say....

The things my kiddies say CRACK ME UP!!!  I am sure all mom's say this, but today, I busted out laughing when Maddie came in the livingroom... Here's the story:

I had a friend who was supposed to be stopping by, so since we haven't seen her for a while, I got Maddie into a really cute little outfit.  Something special so she could see her "aunt".  Well, she's sick and didn't get to come, but right after I got her ready, down to hair and all, I'm sweeping the living room and she comes in and declares, with hand on the hip and the whole bit, "I HAVE A HOTT DATE TONIGHT!"  LOL  Where she hears these things I have no clue! 

She warms my heart when she does things like that.  Now I have the two of them over in the living room teaching each other how to play the Soprano Recorder, also known as the flute.  Mackenzie got it last year because she had to have one for music class.  I bought the book too so they could learn a little of how to read music and how to play it.  So, it's really paid off!  For the Recorder and book I didn't even spend $10!  Great investment and music is very good for developing young minds! 

And the next few weeks will be CRAZY here!  I get to finally get our furniture into the new place next weekend! God bless our friends for helping with that task.  I also get to host Thanksgiving Dinner!  That's gonna be fun!  I love to have my friends over and it's going to be yummy eats too!  Then we have the Dear Santa Party.  Followed by an ornament exchange.  I am hosting the women from our Couples Class from Church in December.  We have our friends Christmas party/gift exchange happening soon after that and then Christmas!  Can we say, when I do it, I do it right! 

And that's about all for now, have a great week!

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