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Saturday, October 17, 2009

7 years

I can't believe that it has been seven years since we got married! To celebrate, Carol and Roy watched the girls last night and we had a date night. We went to Souix City Steakhouse here in NPR. I had some awesome cheesy, bacony, mushroomy, chicken with a honey mustard sauce! Yummy! and then we were off to the Cheapo Theatre.... We saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (only cost us a whopping six dollars total). I had read the book and wanted to see the movie and as always I was disappointed because of all the details I thought should have been put in the movie that they cut out. Ryan was a little disturbed. When the hand came out of the water, he jumped LOL! And that is all I am saying in case someone wants to see it and hasn't yet. We then went to Starkey Park and hung out with Kev and Deb for a little while. That was fun. We made it home just before midnight. Fun times, but as we age, our bodies can't handle that as much.

Today: Ryan and Roy playing golf, the girls are all headed to a harvest festival.

Halloween costumes: Kenzie: BRIDE (beautiful!)
Maddie: one of the many dress up costumes we already have... a princess, rockstar, fairy, butterfly, etc. She still has to pick it out.
Isaboo: the same as maddie... a dress up costume... and she has to pick it..
CiCi: don't know yet, but I have a beautiful blue princess costume we bought for Kenzie that would be wonderful for her to wear.

Ryan is handing out candy here at roy and carols house while kenzie, maddie, cecilia, isaboo, angelena and i all go trick or treating. will be a fun night for all the besties! maddie and izzy love each other... kenzie and cecilia are friends too... and angelena is the bestest bestie there is!

gotta go to the fest... hope to have pics to post soon! my computer will be getting fixed soon can't wait! roy found someone to fix it for me!

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