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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just a little update

things have been a little busy around here. my friend tina lost her daughter unexpectedly last month. she is still waiting for autopsy results. this past week her father fell ill and as of yesterday they were having a bed side vigil at the hospice house waiting for him to pass. keep her in prayers please.

my pop is waiting for results from a bone marrow biopsy, so continue to pray for him as well.

kenzie is becoming quite the little ballerina. i will try to get some pics soon for you all.

maddie is growing like a weed. she got sick about 2 weeks ago and we missed a full week of our normal activities, but now we are back to normal and she is feeling great. she had viral syndrome, so we thank God that it wasn't anything other than that.

i am loving volunteering in kenzie's class. it is so rewarding and i can't wait from week to week to go back.

ryan is back into the football groove!

and that is that. more to come when i can.

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