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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mid week update

i thought that since i brought the computer to church tonight while the girls were having dance class i would play on the internet. thank you jesus for free wifi! so i sit here realizing how much i need to make sure i get the dc jack on this puter worked on and how much i really do love my computer, but all in all, not a bad thing to do... kenzie is loving her dance class more and more. maddie could care less, so if she doesn't show an interest by the end of the month, then we will drop her and only carry kenzie and then if maddie shows an interest when she gets a little older, she can always pick it up again... ryan had a bout of not feeling well last night... his pulse started racing and i believe he was having an anxiety attack on top of having a hep b shot... and that is about that... i have lots of cake pics to put on here, but don't have the camera with me or i would upload them real quick... tata for now.

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