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Saturday, January 5, 2013


This week, I am telling you, I've been having flashbacks to my childhood through my own daughter's eyes!!! Not only is she loving saturday morning cartoons on CW, but she's in LOVE with Wrestling!  She can't wait to see Saturday Morning Slam!  Loved Smackdown last night and is sitting on the edge of her seat while watching POWER RANGERS right now!  Love this!  Transformers is next!  She's such a cutie!  I am so happy that we are able to give them some clean fun that they can look forward to each day wether it's watching wrestling or crafting with mommy!

Ryan is out of town again and while we don't like him being gone so long, it's what has to happen if we are to get a pay check.  I just can't wait until he gets through his goal for the new year!  Once he does that, we will totally be happy campers!

So my goals for this weekend:  Cuddle time, tidy the house, cuddle time.  Get the kids ready to go back to school next week.  And lastly get my house ready for my open house next week! Can't wait for that one!  Gonna be so much fun to show my friends some of the newest prints available!  Such fun!

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