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Monday, January 28, 2013

One crazy week!

Last week was just that.  ONE CRAZY WEEK!  It's been that kind of year so far!

The week started out normal.  School was out on Monday, but other than that it was status quo.  Until Thursday that is.  I had made arrangements with our friend Kevin for him to come pick me up to go after the Camry.  It was about an hour away each way, so he was taking me on his day off.  On the way home, I had a blow out just before our exit.  He was about 1/2 mile behind me I guess.  But due to the laws here in Florida and my spare being flat, I had no choice but to tow the car.  It was a lesson learned that looking back was a good one.

So since then I've been doing TONS of shopping around for the best tire prices and alignment prices too!  Who knew how expensive tires were getting these days!  I'm finding the average price PER tire to be around $100!  Crazyness!  I remember buying tires for the Contur and the prices were around $40 a tire!  So, to replace the one that's blown as well as the other tires on the car and the spare, we are looking at around $500-$600!  And the alignment I have to make a decision... I have the opportunity to do lifetime alignments for a total of $169.  I can take it in every 6,000 miles and they will align it free of charge from the time I purchase that package to the time I sell my car.  I just don't know what I need to do there because we have had the Camry for 2 years now, so I have to weigh if it's worth doing that or just getting a regular alignment because how many more years are we going to keep the car until we trade it in for another newer model?

Ryan spent the weekend with his parents in North Carolina and the girls and I made a game of getting them cleaning in their room and doing their chores.  It was WONDERFUL!

So this week's goals:
Make the decision on the new tires.  I have the damaged tire replaced with a used one for the time being.
Make the decision on the alignments.  This is something Ryan and I will discuss.
Get the office and tax information all Organized so that we can file as soon as the other 3 papers come.  I think Ryan has 2 more w-2's we are waiting on and I have one.

That's about it.

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