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Thursday, January 8, 2015

House hunting

Because we are moving so far away, the house hunting for us this time has been very challenging.  It may seem like we can just go online find a place, pay the required move in and we would be good to go right?  Nope.

We found a list of homes we liked that were all in our budget, gave the addresses to Roy and Carol.  They went and looked at them.  Most of them were not doable.  The one that Ryan and I both loved they said just simply wouldn't work.  The condo we liked they didn't think would work with us having the girls and it being upstairs, so we are back to the drawing board.

There are a few that are still contenders, but back to looking for houses I go.  I sure hope we find something soon.  That's the issue with having a deadline.

On a positive note, Patrick brought me boxes today, so tomorrow I get a day full of starting to pack up things we aren't using.  It's really going to put into perspective that we are moving.  I think I'll start in the office and work from there.

One thing we have learned in this whole process is that it really does take everyone to make it happen.  We are happy that we allowed the girls to have their input into the move, and I am sure they will love helping pack and unpack too, but most of all we are happy that we have a support system that will help us with finding the right place on the other side.  We can't wait until the move is over, we are settled into the new home, new state, new routines and just get to enjoy where we are.

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